Historical Celestial Alignment

Historical Celestial AlignmentPosted on December 22, 2010 by forfedha

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Now! This is the most important celestial alignment that has happened within living memory (and for most of us – ancestral memory)

On Tuesday 21st December we celebrated the Winter Solstice. This happened to be on a Full Moon. Not only this, but we had a Lunar Eclipse and the Galactic Centre Point lined up with the Sun, Earth and Lunar eclipse all at the same time at just past 8am (In England).

The Galactic Centre Point is a massive black hole at the centre of our galaxy around which the stars of the milky way revolve. (For more scientific info please visit Dave Molz on www.onbrightsky.co.uk )

So we had the Galaxy’s plane, the Sun’s plane, the Earth Plane, and the Moon’s plane all in alignment on the Winter Solstice Moonset and Sunrise.

At 5-30am on a freezing and snow-covered Tuesday morning your brave and intrepid friends Polly, Sara and myself met in Firle car park with the intent of driving up to Firle Beacon to witness this historical event. Polly has a 4-wheel drive, but despite her heroic efforts her car could not negotiate the icy bends of The Bostal road. Of course the weather had predicted thick fog and cloud (to be honest I very seldom actually SEE Winter Solstice sunrises because it is almost always like this weatherwise), but not to be outdone we made our way to Seaford Head and to a high point where we could at least see the Seven Sisters when it got a little lighter.

At the time of the Moon’s setting we may have been able to see it turning bright red (I have seen this at lunar eclipses), but unfortunately we saw nothing. As the horizon got gradually lighter, even though we couldn’t see the sun itself, there was a beautiful magical misty illumination around us, and a quiet stillness, except for the sound of the sea, and the awakening birds.

At around 8am,
when we began our ceremony we were joined by two crows who sat on their perches observing us intently. We honoured the guardians of the four directions, Mother Earth, the Spiritual realms, ourselves and each other, and put our wishes for the new year out to the Universe.

I think we all felt very blessed to be part of this on the wild downland, with the sea, the sky, the earth, the white cliffs and the wheeling birds. For me it was a truly magical moment, and I was actually glad we didn’t make Firle Beacon.

We then walked back across the hill past Hope Gap, one of my favourite places, with it’s caves and rock pools, and its little pocket of myriad flora on the hillside. It is one of the rare places you can still see the Clouded Yellow butterfly in Summer.

So back to mine for scrambled eggs and hot tea before continuing our everyday lives.

I do hope your Solstice was as memorable as ours will be.

Love and Blessings


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