Thoughts on Love and Trust

I have been greatly tested recently with various things. Illnesses of beloved ones, trauma and sorrow for other reasons, disappointments and frustrations.

Within all of this, however, my faith in the Divine plan never wavered for one moment. Within every situation is a test and a lesson. Sometimes this is difficult to see, but it is always there. My total belief in the unconditional love which holds us and keeps us safe allows me to trust, and to surrender completely. At the same time, however, I try to acknowledge my humanity, and the perfection of the soul which tells me it is OK to be angry, to make mistakes, to be silly sometimes, to show frustration.

A realization that the basis for most emotional dis-ease is lack of self-love and acceptance really has got me thinking. How many of us live our lives trying to please others – playing out various roles which we think will appease? We are so frightened to step outside of the box of perceived expectancy in case others think badly of us. Again, how many of us have used the expression “it’s not like you/her/him to act in that way.”? How do we know that’s true? Why do we condemn someone who breaks away from conformity?

I admire so much those people who decide to turn their back on the “norm”, and live a joyful, fulfilled life. Of course, those of us who have young children have a responsibility to them, but even family units are expected to conform to a certain way of living.

Those two polarities Love and Fear are at the basis of how we all behave. Bullies and tyrants are fear-based, of course. How many of us, though, bully and tyrannise ourselves into doing what is expected of us by others because we have woven a certain myth about ourselves?

A challenge! Do something totally different that makes your heart sing! Even if it’s wearing a purple hat to the supermarket, chatting up a gorgeous man just for the hell of it, standing on top of a hill and singing out loud. How about saying “NO” instead of “That’s fine” or “I don’t mind.”? Now that IS a challenge.

Love and blessings

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