Wow, that flight is LONG.
I haven’t used in-flight movies before as I knew I would have trouble getting all the buttons right, and sure enough it took me ages to get a film to start. I chose ‘Shame’ to begin with, but couldn’t see a thing cos the person in front put their seat back, and a lot of that film is shot at night. It seemed very depressing anyway. Then I tried ‘Jane Eyre’ which I had seen at the cinema, so lovely countryside, but having read the book periodically all my life, and seen most versions I knew what to expect. Then I had a break, saw how slow the time was going so tried a film about the relationship between Freud and Jung. Would have been interesting, but couldn’t hear a thing, and the theme suggests one needs to listen. So that one for another time, methinks. There is a connection between all these films which one reader will get straight away!

I am staying in a beautiful flat, which I will take pics of later. It is all electronically operated, so buttons to be pushed for every single thing to work. Guess who locks herself out of the bathroom? Someone had to force the lock open from the outside with a screwdriver! There is a lot to be said for good, old-fashioned doorknobs.

It may not be possible for you to comment on the blogs at the moment, but I am working on uploading an app which should fix that.

Missed hearing the morning chorus today. No drunken louts either though, just quiet Tokyo streets. Probably won’t be the same on Monday morning.

Weather sunny and breezy. Let’s hope for the next few weekends the Sun goddess, Amaterasu, smiles on me


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