Retreat in the mountains

Celtic Earth Magic level III was held in the mountains.

What a wonderful experience! All the elements were at their most powerful. We had intermittent rain and a huge natural lake. We had wind in the trees, sunshine and the rich, fertile Earth. The mountains were at times shrouded in mists, and then lit up with sunshine. Hawks flew above us, and water lapped at the shores of the lake. There was woodland with ancient twisted branches, and that intoxicating smell of wet wood and earth.

We lay on the Earth with rain on our faces, listening to the sound of birds calling, and the wind in the leaves, connected to Nature Spirits and walked the woods, discovering multi-coloured fallen branches, leaves and seeds. We sat on rocks in the lake gazing at the ever-changing faces of the mountains, and relaxed in the company of like-minded souls.

We had a fire one evening, around which the students shared their experiences, and received their initiations. I told a story of Arthur and Merlin, then ended the day with a bath in natural hot-spring water. Bliss!

Of course there were hilarious and surreal bits too, such as the pirate ship which takes people across to the Shinto shrine on the other side of the lake, and the swan-shaped boats, while the only real swans were a pair of stuffed ones with a chick and eggs in the hotel foyer. Yukari and I avoided looking at those when we went past.

I have a feeling that with any luck we will be returning when I run level IV in a few months time.

Here are some photos












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