Spiritual Circle January 2013

Imbolc altar 2013

It was so good to hold my monthly circle last night. Because of the Christmas break the last time we met was the last Wednesday in November. Even though I am the facilitator of the circle I find that spending time in a safe, confidential atmosphere with like-minded friends centres me like nothing else does.
For me, I am constantly observing and listening to the messages that Spirit brings me, especially through the trees, plants, rocks, sea etc. To bring myself back to the human connection is essential, of course, for I AM human!
It’s not the same when I am reading or teaching Tarot, giving healing or sharing my experiences with Earth Magic. When we meet every month within the circle we all share our thoughts, experiences and fears. It feels crucial to be able to do this.
I am so blessed with the work I do, yet it wasn’t that long ago I was working in a very different way, based in a more ruthless world. So I understand how some of my friends welcome the monthly respite from their “other lives”.

Because the festival of Imbolc is upon us this weekend we honoured the fiery Goddess whose festival this is by creating an altar to Brigid. She is a very important Goddess who watches over women, childbirth, poets and artists, and smiths – those creators of alchemy. Her colour is white, and I placed white crystals at the North, for Earth; Water from the well at Glastonbury in the West; a white candle in the South, for Fire. Then I realised I had no white feather to place in the East, for Air! Oh no! What should I do. Then, as ever, inspiration came through so strongly. Of course, my precious knife that I crafted myself from Iron – Earth; Fire to soften the metal; Air in the bellows which gave life to the fire, and Water which set the hot metal.
Blessings to Brigid on her festival, marking the end of Winter, and the beginning of Spring.

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