Youtube film

On 30th March I am going to be shooting a film to put on my website, and Youtube.
It will briefly cover some of the content of the Celtic Earth Magic workshops and courses.
I have been strongly guided to shoot it in Kingley Vale, near Chichester, West Sussex, one of the largest and oldest Yew tree forests in the world.

Filming date is 30th March, which is unfortunately Easter Saturday. However, I am inviting volunteers to come along and help be part of a “student group” in order to demonstrate such things as tuning into trees, dowsing for Nature Spirits, creating a circle for ceremony, healing, using ancient rune symbols for divination (don’t worry, you don’t have to learn anything, it is only a demo!) etc.
If anyone would like to help me out I would be very grateful. It will take less than half a day, and should be quite good fun. You won’t be interviewed (unless you want to be), and it will mean spending time in this most evocative of ancient woodlands, which is a healing experience in itself.
Please contact me if interested. I don’t know times yet, so for anyone who wants to come along I will give further details and directions.

Many thanks xx

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