Ravens and Sunshine!


These ravens were enjoying a bathe in a flowing stream, talking to each other and having fun splashing one another.

What powerful birds they are. In Japan they are seen as something of a nuisance, and one student told a story of attending a shamanic workshop in England to find her power animal. When she got a visit from Raven she was disappointed, as she wanted something bigger, so dismissed it.
Yesterday, while she was tuning into a tree a raven came and stood at her feet, talking ( or rather shouting) at her. She tried to shoo him away, but he wouldn’t go. She clearly heard the message ” I love you. Please accept me” which she was surprised at. She said it was as if he was proposing to her, which of course in a way he was!




Some photos from the three days of Celtic Earth Magic levels I and II. Very successful, and lots of fun.

Weather great, thanks to the Sun goddess!

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