Tokyo Spring 2013

At last! A beautiful warm and sunny day in Tokyo!
I have just spent time in the local park, where the trees are all fresh and green. The turtles are sunbathing, and the Ravens calling to each other.

I am very pleased with the results of the introduction of Celtic Divination Healing, where I offer a 30 minute reading using my best friends, the Druidcraft Tarot, followed by 30 minutes of Celtic Earth Healing, when the energetic vibration of certain trees are placed into the energy field via the ancient Ogham symbols. I am also giving Munay-Ki rites, as usual. All my 50 private sessions are full, and I have good numbers for the 4 Celtic Earth Magic courses.

Tonight I am facilitating an evening seminar, where I will be talking about my work, and performing a Beltaine ceremony. I know, I know! A bit early, but it isn’t possible to organise it for the proper day. It will be indoors too, which will feel very strange, so no fire for the fire ceremony, just LED lights! I will be honouring this festival of fertility on the proper day in my own way, and imagining I am on Firle Beacon as it would have been in times long ago, when each hilltop would have been glowing with the flames of passion as the Sun god unites with the Earth goddess.










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