Dark of the Moon

The next Dark Moon coincides with what most people call the New Year on January 1st 2014.

The Dark of the Moon is the time just before the crescent sliver of the New Moon appears, signifying the emerging lunar energy which builds up to the gorgeous Full Moon of Mid-Winter, known as the Quiet or Wolf Moon.

Before the Romans decided to add two months to the existing ten in 700BC the new year was celebrated in March, coinciding with new growth of Springtime. The month of January was named after the god of gateways and new beginnings, the two-faced Janus – looking both back to the past and forward to the future.

Even if we work within the Wheel of Nature, and celebrate the Sabbats of the eight-fold year rather than the structured human-devised festivals, there is nothing to stop us co-joining with the energies of new beginnings on January 1st, and putting out our intentions for 2014 with the New Moon. The more energy sent forth visualising new, positive changes  the more likely they are to manifest.

So I sincerely wish you all a magical year ahead as the Goddess grows in power. There will still be conflict throughout the world as the old order fights for one last spark of defiance in its death throws. The light of Love and Respect for all life on Earth is growing stronger. Stand up and demand it. Those who sneer at it and try to smother the truth are trembling with fear.

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