For the Love of Albion

The wild mountains of North Wales made me aware of the contrasting beauty of our land of birth. Not separate nations of England, Scotland, Northern or Southern Ireland, Wales or independent isles such as Mann, Guernsey, Jersey, Alderney etc., but the whole of Albion – the white land of our mutual ancestors. 

Politics and religion, as ever, have made us small-minded, acquisitive and brutal.

We have lost our connection to the land which bore us from her soil. Just like indigenous plants we flourish under our own changeable skies, and strikingly different landscape.

Whether it be the rolling, sensuous downland of Sussex, The flat, watery fens, the spectacular mountains of Wales and Scotland, or the lush, vibrant green of Eire, let us all celebrate our differences, and meld with our birthplace, or adopted country in all her forms. Learn from the rest of Nature, realising, once again, that we are part of, not superior to her.

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