Weaving the Willow Workshop

The Face of Woman Beneath the Veil

Susan Hall and Lorna Drake

Sunday 22nd March 2015 – 10am-5pm
Cost £45-00

An introductory workshop offering women an opportunity to share experiences as we journey through the labyrinth of life, and the three stages of Maiden, Mother and Wise Woman.
This gathering, or moot will honour the spiritual laws of confidentiality and respect towards each individual as we explore our personal connection to the Universal Web which all women weave.

Main topics for discussion will include:

1) The faces of Wo-Moon – the deep relationship between the phases of the Moon and our personal cycles.
2) Women and the Wheel of the Year – reawakening our connection to the Earth as nurturing and destructive Mother.
3) Re-establishing our ancestral heritage as the sisterhood who weave the Web of Life.
4) Honouring ourselves throughout all stages of our life journey with empathy and humour.

Venue: Stamford Buildings, Firle, East Sussex.

For further information please contact:

Susan Hall at [email protected]
07986 105865

Lorna Drake at [email protected]
07837 124024

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