Anam Gra and Munay-Ki

“9 rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power”.

Anam Gra is Gaelic for Soul Love. Both Anam Gra and Munay-Ki give 9 rites of initiation to become a person of wisdom and power, and to accept the role of Earth Guardian for the future of our beautiful planet. These rites derive from the great shamanic initiations brought from the Hindus Valley by the medicine men and women of Siberia who crossed the Baring straits to share this wisdom with the rest of the world some 30,000 years ago.

Many of us feel a calling to make a difference to the world, and to our own life, yet feel powerless and unsure of what we can do. Anam Gra offers us the opportunity to join and harmonise with deep elemental energies of the Earth and the Universe to gain personal power and integrity, to heal past traumas and to build a stronger confidence in our mutual role as Earth Guardians.

The nine rites are:

Foundation rites:

    1. The Way of the Spiral – an energetic spiral to strengthen your luminous energy field to protect and transform negative energy into positive.

The Way of the Healer – healing past wounds from this and previous lifetimes, wounds of our ancestors and enhancing the healing power in your hands.

The Way of Tranquility – seven archetypes are reawakened in the chakras. They are the Universal organising principles, creating balance and allowing your chakras to glow with their original light as you acquire a luminous energetic body, shedding the past as the sacred white stag sheds his antlers.

The Way of the Visionary– awakening the “inner seer” to perceive the invisible world of energy and spirit.

Empowerment rites
The rite of Solar Radiance – calling upon the Fire Dragons which guard the ancient stone altars such as Machu Picchu and Stonehenge to empower your personal confidence and unique gifts.

The rite of Lunar Radiance – connecting with Moon and the elementals of the oceans and lakes to strengthen your intuition, and help you to better understand and accept fluctuating emotions which coincide with lunar phases.

The rite of Earthly Radiance – connecting with Earth and Tree elementals to diminish our perception of separateness from the rest of the natural world. We strengthen our ability to work in harmony with our planet as other sentient beings do, and which our hearts are calling out for.

The rite of Stellar Radiance– builds a greater awareness to the vastness of the skies, and the realisation that we are not powerless. We call on guidance from angelic beings and ascended wise ones such as the Buddha and Jesus, who chose to live with us to aid personal enlightenment.

The rite of Universal Radiance combines all the power given by the previous rites to enable us to focus on our Soul journey in this and future lifetimes. Our planet is in crisis. We have the opportunity to fulfil our destiny as Earth Guardians with Universal support. Anam Gra is Soul Love.

Costs: The rites are free. £45 per hour for time and support. An energetic exchange is welcomed.

“This has been a very interesting, rewarding and an empowering experience. Not only does it bring a greater awareness of the world, and it’s hidden energies, that perhaps we don’t see or appreciate, for me personally in my understanding of this world; how I am part of it and am able to tune in to these subtle energies.’ Bob. East Sussex

“Anam Gra has awakened a deeper connection to the natural world, and how I can help make a difference on a spiritual level. I now sense subtle energies. I feel more intuitive and positive” Sarah. Lewes