Welcome to Earth Wisdom

“Connecting to the wisdom of our ancestors in order to heal the past, the present and the future”.

The ancient wisdom of our ancestors is encoded into our DNA, and it is by opening ourselves to this inherent knowledge that we can connect more deeply with our subconscious and higher selves, in order to bring about healing on all levels – the mental, spiritual, physical and emotional.

This healing can occur through many methods, be it the gentle yet powerful hands-on approach of Reiki and Earth Healing, by connecting and sharing with like-minded people, or by tapping into the “remembering” of the ways of those who have walked this path before us, thus reawakening our own powers and expanding our awareness.

When we reawaken our connection to Nature we are introduced to a powerful, magical relationship which can be life-changing. Everything we need is here within this relationship, if only we allow ourselves to take that first step into enlightenment.

We are living in a unique and wonderful period of time, and I am passionate about sharing my discoveries with you.