Reiki, Shamanic and Celtic Earth Healing

“Wisdom and knowledge of all The Universe”.

Reiki is a process of empowerment.

The word “Reiki” is Japanese and is used to describe the channelling of Universal energy for healing on multiple levels. Reiki is used in all ancient cultures throughout the world, taking many different forms. It is a gentle, relaxing method of sustaining equilibrium of body, mind, spirit and emotions.

Shamanic Healing works at a Soul level by identifying  subconscious fears, and clearing them, which allows us to live a more authentic life. Outworn negative beliefs and conditioning are discarded, enabling a more appropriate life plan to be put in place.

Celtic Earth Healing works with Elemental Earth energies using the ancient magical symbols of the Druidic Ogham. These sessions are very powerful, and can help a client regain courage, strength and purpose in life.

Treatments are discussed with a client, and customized for her/him: my intuition tells me whether to access Reiki, the healing methods of our Celtic ancestors, or the Inkas in Central America. I may use gentle yet powerful Shamanic tools to help to shed the past the way the serpent sheds her skin, all at once.


Cost: £45 per hour.
90 minute combination of Tarot reading and Healing – £67.


When a person has been attuned to Reiki, Munay-Ki or Celtic Earth Wisdom she/he has access to the unique, ancient vibration of a spiritual empowerment like no other. It is achieved simply and beautifully, and can be channelled by all, regardless of a person’s background, intelligence or age. It is life-changing, and a precious, blessed gift.

Please see appropriate pages for Celtic Earth Wisdom and Munay-Ki

Cost: Courses are run over 2 days.

Usui Reiki 1 – £200
Usui Reiki 11 – £300
Usui Reiki Master level – £400 or an equal energetic exchange.

For further information on all these courses please contact me.

“Sue Hall is a great tutor. I will definitely be returning to complete Reiki II.”
Owen – Lewes

“A really enjoyable course. Susan Hall is a great tutor. I left feeling confident and happy.”
Trevor – Brighton