• Handfasting
  • Child-welcoming
  • House Blessing
  • Animal Bereavement

All ceremonies are based in Ancient traditions.

Handfasting and child-welcoming are usually held in Nature, and are individually customized. A circle can be created and altars set in the four directions of North, South, East and West as well as a central altar. Friends and family are encouraged to join in with the ceremony.

Hand-fastings usually last approximately 1 hour, and child-welcomings half-an-hour.
Preparation of the circle, decoration of the site, and any props such as floral arches are traditionally carried out by friends and family in order to create a truly united celebration.

House Blessing helps to clear any negative energetic residue left by previous occupants, and invites positive vibrations to take their place.

Animal bereavement is often a lonely time, and saying farewell to a beloved companion can be a clinical affair. By holding a short, yet personal ceremony we can express our thoughts and feelings while feeling supported in an empathetic way. Veterinary surgeons should be consulted beforehand when wishing to carry out this ceremony with a home euthanasia.

It can be performed before or after the occasion in other circumstances.

Costs: Handfasting ceremonies: £250
Child-welcomings: £150
House Blessings : £50
Animal Bereavements: £30

“We wouldn’t have wanted anyone else but Susan Hall to welcome our baby into the world. The day was perfect.” Alison – Brighton

Sue Hall helped my beloved cat to cross over the rainbow bridge to the world of Spirit. Thank you, Sue, for your support and love.” Mia – Lewes