Celtic Earth Wisdom

“Ancient Ogham Tree symbols will be received into the energy field to access the Wisdom of Nature”.

Celtic Earth Wisdom allows us to work in harmony with the elemental alchemy of Nature. For far too long we humans have been conditioned into thinking of ourselves as detached from, and even superior to the rest of the natural world. This separateness can result in feelings of discontent, powerlessness, sadness and even chronic depression, not to mention loneliness. The tendency to try to overcome these feelings can be misuse of drugs and alcohol, an unhealthy lifestyle, disrespect for ourselves and other beings, disregard of our environment and fear.

Our ancestors walked hand-in-hand with the rest of Nature. Separateness had no place in their world. We can regain this feeling of connectedness and harmony by quieting the chattering of the mind while opening our hearts and intuition.

Celtic Earth Wisdom offers the tools to live a more harmonious, joyful, empowered life full of love rather than fear. These tools are based on twenty-five Druidic Magical symbols for indigenous trees of the Celtic lands, the Ogham. Trees are representative of the subconscious, conscious and superconscious self.

Celtic Earth Wisdom is offered as four unique courses. Level I can be taken as a one-off, or as an introduction to the other three levels.

Celtic Earth Wisdom is only used for the highest good. It cannot be otherwise, as Nature always seeks to balance itself. When we ourselves are working within this state of equilibrium our lives are fulfilled, and we walk with joy upon the Earth.

Celtic Earth Wisdom is offered at four levels:

Level I – The Magical Language of Trees.

In this one-day introductory workshop we will look at the roles trees play in our lives; the trees of the Ogham, and their sacred symbols; the Celts, their view of the world and their myths, gods and goddesses. We begin our journey into Celtic Earth Wisdom by introducing ourselves to the Spirits of the trees. This level is compulsory in order to progress to further stages of Celtic Earth Wisdom.

Cost: £65

Level II – Entering the Sacred Grove.

In this two-day course students will receive the first nine Ogham symbols
into the personal energy field. These are the healing symbols. We learn how
to awaken the symbols in our hands for helping to heal the self and others
on many levels. We will deepen our connection to Nature with Shamanic
journeying, and by working personally with the trees relevant to the first

Cost: £150

Level III – Festivals, Manifesting and Nature Spirits.

In this two-day course we go deeper into how our Celtic ancestors lived
in harmony with the natural world by looking at the Celtic wheel of the
year, and the Celtic wheel of life. We use the well-respected tradition of
dowsing to connect to Nature Spirits, and create a crystal and Ogham grid for
manifesting the life we desire and deserve. A further ten Ogham symbols are
received into the personal energy field. These are the manifesting symbols,
to be used on their own or in conjunction with the healing symbols for the
highest possible outcome.

Cost: £150

Level IV – Magic and Divination.

By the time we are ready to work at this level we will be immersed in
a totally different world to the one we started in. Our awareness and
perception of life will have been changed forever, and we will be living
our lives as creators of our own destiny.

In this two-day course we will be working in unison with the Universal Life Force which flows through all of existence. The final six Ogham symbols are placed into the energy field. These are the Master symbols. Now we can harness the energies of the rest of Nature, and truly feel them as part of ourselves. We will be creating ceremony to call in those Higher Beings who guide and protect us, learning how to work in harmony with these beings, and the Spirits of Nature in order to live a balanced, joyful life. We will be creating our set of personal divination Ogham runes which can be used professionally.

The Universe always seeks to balance itself, and we can bring this into our own lives by calling upon our innate personal power to work with the power of the world around us. Our destiny is in our own hands.

Cost: £200

At all four levels we will be using guided visualization, Shamanic journeying,
ceremony and personal connection to trees and plants. This will entail going
out into Nature as well as working in the classroom. Please be prepared for
varying weather conditions, and to embrace them!


“I really enjoyed working with Tree and Earth energy. Sue Hall is warm, open and wise.”Karen – Upminster

“I really felt the connection to the earth and the trees. Thank you so much, Sue, for opening my eyes!”
Helen – Chichester