Animal Communication

Animal communication is one of the most natural things in the world. Ancient people were much closer to the world of Nature than we are today, and all we need to do is to still the mind and to use the language of feelings in order to connect more closely with our beloved friends and companions in the animal kingdom.

Once we have made this magical connection, we can use the gentle and powerful tool of Reiki and Spiritual Healing to help heal mental, physical, spiritual and emotional pain.

Costs: 1st communication by photograph and telephone – 30 minutes £30.
Subsequent communications £1 per minute.

Animal communication with Reiki healing £45 per 60 minutes plus travel costs.

“Sue Hall’s manner was very gentle and approachable. She explained everything carefully so nothing was a surprise. I was very pleased with all the information.” Anthea – Lewes

“Susan has a natural bond and empathy with animals, and this shone through in her communication with my cats. It was insightful, explaining some behavioural issues I hadn’t understood before. Her interpretation was spot-on. I highly recommend her.” Angie – Lewes