About Susan (MNFSH. Reiki Master. Founder of Earth Wisdom workshops.)

“I have always been aware of the connection between all living things and the world of Spirit”

Susan Hall, Reiki MasterTo me it makes sense that everything is composed of energies, forming a kind of Universal web or matrix which has no boundaries, either of time, distance or composition. To call upon and connect with the essence of different energies and elements, with the intent to help heal ourselves and others allows us to reawaken our own innate power.

Combining this with the natural order of Universal laws facilitates a state of equilibrium, awakening a remembering of  how we naturally seek to live in harmony with the whole of existence , therefore healing our past and transforming our future.

I am a healer member with the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, and a Reiki Master in the Usui and Celtic Reiki traditions. I am also founder of Earth Wisdom workshops, inspired by Nature itself, and the connection between Earth and Spirit.

I have trained as a Druidic Bard, and have been initiated as an Earthkeeper into the shamanic tradition of Munay-Ki. I read and teach the Tarot, and facilitate Reiki and Earth Wisdom courses in various venues throughout East and West Sussex. I also regularly visit Japan where I teach Earth Wisdom courses, give Celtic-based Tarot readings and healing, and pass on Munay-Ki rites.

I also facilitate a monthly spiritual circle, which is open to all. As well as various ceremonies based in Ancient traditions I run workshops and walks, the theme of which is to re-establish the connection between ourselves, the Sacred Earth and the Ancestors in whose footsteps we follow.

I am a professional Animal Communicator trained in the James French method.

Here is a brief overview of how Nature inspires me


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