Trees, shrines, ravens and a couple of humans

The fox is sacred in ShintoVery feminine, and attached to moon energy, I felt

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2 Responses to Trees, shrines, ravens and a couple of humans

  1. Ratbag says:

    Hello darling, just caught up on your blog. It all sounds wonderful and am LOVING the photos. Have you got any more to upload? I am so pleased it’s going so well darling one.

    We had some snow in Sussex this weekend; not enough to settle thankfully but it’s still so pretty. Missing you loads ~ Harry Potter awaits us on your return. Love you loads xxx

    • forfedha says:

      Hello, Ratbag,

      So great to hear from you, and what a relief that you are going to wait for me to see the bespectacled wizard. I was sad to think you would be unfaithful and see it with someone else! Let’s go AS SOON as I return.

      So glad you like the blog, and yes, more photos are on their way. The students are really receptive, generous and welcoming. I love them.

      Got a photo shoot this morning. Tra-la. I am ready for my close-up, Mr. De Mille….

      Love you loads and loads

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