Emperor’s Garden and seminar

Had my first full night’s sleep last night since getting here! Hurrah!

Possibly because my day began with visiting the Emperor’s Garden to search for the relatives of trees we will be working with. The Science Museum is located within the garden, which is our venue for this weekend. What a beautiful place! we only covered the area near the museum, but would love to explore the whole garden another time.

Had lunch in a place called Roppongi Hills, which is a huge shopping complex, much more sophisticated than Bluewater, I must say! Strange to hear “Jingle Bells” playing though!

My evening seminar went very well. The place was full, and so many people welcomed me and said how glad there were to meet me. It is probably Japanese politeness, and I had loads of hugs too, which is always nice. I was interviewed by a national womens’ magazine. You never know if your answers are inane, do you? I think the evening went well. There were certainly lots of questions.

Today I am passing on more Munay-Ki rites, and this evening I am having dinner with a friend of Stuart’s mum-in-law. She is also taking me to a beautiful Shinto shrine next week.

Stuart has sent me a link to a stone circle here in Japan. I am excited about checking that out, even though I won’t be able to visit it this time.

The photos on the blog are only a few of the ones I have taken, so on my day off tomorrow I will upload more. One thing that thrilled me yesterday was the sight of a gathering of ravens at a stream. They were all communicating with each other. Reminded me of a gathering of Druids at a sacred grove. Anyone know what a collection of ravens is called?

Oh, and Emily Ticehurst – I tried to e-mail you, but it was sent back. Can you send another message when you have time, and I will chat.

More news and pics to follow.

Love and Blessings


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