My first Japanese Earthkeeper!

Hello everyone,

I have been working really hard, and the students are all so eager to learn. I have to be very strict with my time, however, to allow for interpretation.

I am off to the Emperor’s Palace garden tomorrow, where the first Celtic Earth Healing workshop will take place, then have an everning seminar. The season is a little behind us, so the leaves are turning into the beautiful Autumn golds and bronzes. The sparrows here are a little brighter than at home, with white collars. Their voices are more musical and higher pitched. I have ravens who perch on the roof outside my apartment. I listen to their wisdom every day for assurance and guidance.

On the flight over we passed thousands of miles of snow-covered mountains. I got told off by the stewardess for opening the wondow shutters, but the sunrise was breathtaking, with pinks, oranges and golds reflecting off those frozen peaks. It was over Northern Russia, and I wondered whether this was the original lands of the Laika. I told myself it was, and gave heartfelt thanks to the Ancestors for Munay-Ki.

My first interpreter, Yukari, showed me a photograph she had found in a junk shop of two of the indigenous Japanese people called the Ainu. Like many other native peoples they have been driven into a remote part of the mountainous regions of the main island. They looked quite tall, beautiful and dignified. the lady had a tattoo around her mouth, and they both wore intricate kimono.

I am going to try and take some photos of a shrine today, although it is wet and windy here.

Keep warm. Lots of love


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