Asakusa shrine

Well, I took a trip on the Tokyo metro today all by myself, AND I had to change lines!

I went to visit a beautiful Buddhist temple dedicated to Kwan Yin, Goddess of compassion. She particularly takes care of women. Unfortunately the temple interior was closed to visitors today because there was a special ceremony being performed. There is no photography allowed inside anyway. You could feel the spiritual energy of the place just standing on the platform around the temple.

The streets around the temple are all full of shops selling all kinds of weird and wonderful things – from kimono wigs to chopsticks.

There is a very strong American influence here, with MacDonalds and sushi bars living side by side. The businessmen all look grey and washed out, chainsmoking and with their mobiles stuck to their ears. The young girls are extremely fashion conscious, while the older housewife-type ladies look like they buy from M&S! There seem to be a lot of stereotypes, with not much individuality as far as I can see. They have a tendency to defer to America, and I have heard some disturbing tales from students about certain things they have been led to believe from American so-called “Spiritual teachers”.

They love cats, and little dogs, which they dress up in little outfits such as sailor suits, French matelot costumes and school uniforms! The dogs have little decorations on their ears too, and live in handbags.

I spoke to lovely Polly last night on Skype, and she showed me the garden at Tilton knee-deep in snow, with icicles hanging from the doorframe! There was magical Firle, with its vast white skies and familiar trees, and there was Barkley lounging on the sofa looking beautifully doleful. I must admit that made me homesick. A month away is a long time, even if you are being taken care of, and are working hard.

Never mind, I feel very blessed.

Keep warm, the snow will be gone by this time next week!

Love and blessings


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