Last few days – for now!

The weather has turned chilly now, although nothing like you have had in England, of course.

There are Christmas lights everywhere, and those awful blow-up snowmen! Same as home really!

The Japanese just celebrate Christmas as an excuse for a party, as a lot of us do at home, except their Christmas cake is made from sponge, and the idea of Christmas pudding fills them with horror! Their desserts seem to be light and small – quite a lot of delicious little jellies served in restaurants, although I don’t choose to order them due to my lack of a sweet tooth. When they come as part of the meal they are totally divine, and made from fresh fruit.

I had to stop mid-conversation with my interpreter yesterday when I saw a baby-dog dressed as Father Christmas!!!!! It had a little red outfit on with a black belt and buckle, and a little red hat with a pom-pom!! Luckily no sack was tied to its back!!

I am being treated to a meal tonight with Synchronicity-Japan, the company I am working for, then it is my last day of work tomorrow. So Saturday off, then I am booked into a hotel near the airport on Sunday so I don’t have a rush to get my flight on time on Monday.

I keep looking at the weather forecast, and see there is no snow or sub-zero temperatures predicted, so should get home all right.

They have asked me to come back in May/June to do THREE weekend workshops, plus private sessions. Not much time for jollying around looking at shrines then!

I would love to visit a museum next time, as one of my missions was to see some of theĀ ceramics that have inspired so many British potters, so that is top of the list. Apparently the summers are very hot and humid, so my hair will look even worse than it does now (due to lack of appropriate voltage on my dryer and straighteners). I am dreading seeing the Youtube videos!

Can’t wait to see my friends and family. Skype is such a blessing. It was so lovely to be able to see Roma unwrap her birthday present from me on Monday.

Will be in touch soon.

Love and Blessings


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