Gibbous Moon

Wow! What a glorious Full Moon we are experiencing now!

Those of us who are in tune with the phases of the Moon (which is all of us, just let go and feel it!) will be feeling its power, made even more magical by the fact that it is a Gibbous Moon, and will be for the next quarter.

Have you ever been on a high point such as Firle Beacon, Seaford or Beachy Head and seen the Moon and the Sun in the sky at the same time? Well that’s basically a Gibbous Moon. (For the more intelligent explanation visit Dave Molz on

I have been creating my Ogham runes for divination in preparation for Celtic Earth Reiki level IV. Yesterday was the time to cleanse and bless them. This was when the Full Moon was at its most powerful, but doing it on the Gibbous made the ceremony even more special.

In my stone circle in the garden I honoured the four directions: North with a greenstone crystal, South with a candle, East with incense and West with a chalice of spring water from Glastonbury. I then empowered the circle with light and energy using my wand. I stood in the centre with my new Ogham runes. They had already been cleansed by smudging.

I called upon the Lord and Lady to witness the ceremony, and stated my intent to bless and charge the runes with the energy of the Earth beneath me, the Sea around me and the Sky above me. I always feel so connected when calling upon these energies, but this time I felt the balance, the equilibrium, yin and yang – whatever you want to call it. To me it was the masculine Sun and the feminine Moon.

I took my new Ogham runes to the East, and ran each one through the smoke of the incense, asking that my work with them brings the attributes associated with this direction – clarity of thought, insight and understanding. I then took them to all the other directions, walking clockwise, or deosil around the circle. With each direction I asked for the runes to be blessed with the qualities of that particular element.

After visiting all directions I sat in the middle of the circle in contemplation, connecting with the runes and with the ceremony. The wind was helping the trees to speak their approval and appreciation. The birds were twittering loudly, full of the promise of Spring and new life. Around me were snowdrops, daffodil buds and the little heart-shaped leaves of the violet. All the time, in the sky watched the Moon and the Sun as equals.

Eventually I gave thanks to the Lord and Lady, and opened the circle with my wand, this time walking anticlockwise, or widdershins around the outside.

We are approaching the Spring Equinox, when day and night have equal light. My ceremony had the Gibbous Moon to remind me of the balance between all things. It is Harmony and Equilibrium that the whole of Nature shows us in all aspects of the Universe.

Simple really, when you think about it. Just go with the ebb and flow. It all balances up in the end. Struggling against it only gives us wrinkles!

Love and Blessings


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