First weekend

The first weekend of Celtic Earth Magic was held in a venue near the Tokyo Tower.
What a spectacular edifice that is! Like something from War of the Worlds straddling central Tokyo in all its blood-red, metallic giant Meccano glory. (Is that how you spell Meccano?). Apologies if not.

It’s interesting, and very satisfying to see the students on the level I courses. Very quiet, respectful and shy. I have to go around the circle and ask them individually to share their experiences. Then by the second day, when the trees and Earth have worked their magic, they look glowing and happy, and begin to chat away to each other. Many of them have made lasting friendships, and gather regularly to connect with Nature, and perform ceremonies.

My goodness, how I LOVE my work!!

I am assured that every time I have run these courses out here the students are all of a type – quiet, intuitive and lovers of Nature. So I am very lucky, as I have heard some stories about difficult students with other facilitators!

I am keeping my fingers crossed about taking and publishing photographs. The giant Buddha made it, but I have no idea how he got there! So if there are blog entries referring to photos, but no photos attached they will probably pop up in another entry!!!

I can hear all you technophobes groaning in despair!

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