Winter Solstice or the End of the World

21st December 2012 is a date about which there has been a lot of speculation.

I read with awe and admiration the calculations of the mathematical and scientific geniuses (or should that be genii?) who claim to calculate the famous Mayan calendar, which is said to predict the end of the fifth great cycle of 5,126 years, and perhaps the end of our planet too.

Others proclaim to have “channelled” various messages predicting that this is a time when the wheat will be sorted from the chaff; in other words, those of us who have led a blameless and puritanical life will survive (either in Greenland, or on a mountain-top with like-minded souls), and those who have been given the black spot of doom will perish.

I personally think I would rather go the way of the doomed ones than to be stuck on a mountain with only other people like me, so I rebelliously am going down the optimistic route, and am choosing to welcome in the rebirth of The Divine Feminine. Hurrah!!

More love; more compassion; more integration; respect for ALL our relations – the two-legged, the four-legged, the creepy-crawlers, the finned, the furred and the winged ones, not to mention those who have their roots in the Earth. Less greed; less oppression and suppression; less exploitation; less cruelty and dishonouring. Bring it on.

We all know that what we think about we manifest, so the more of us who choose to visualize this world of Peace and Love the more likely it is to happen.

So I am holding a ceremony to do just that, on Seaford Head in East Sussex at 11-11 on the 21st, meeting in the car park at 10-30. It is a Friday, so many people will be at work, which doesn’t mean you can’t add your energy to ours at 11-11. People from France, Italy, Japan and Australia are joining in, so let’s create a world where the air is pure, the rivers run clean and sparkling again, and people walk in harmony with one another and all the other inhabitants of our beautiful planet.

See you there, unless of course a meteor comes zooming in and blows us all into outer space.

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