Tree of the week – Spindle

I have to admit that this week I have cheated, and used archive images for the Spindle.
I set out yesterday to try and find a tree to feature, and ended up stuck in a couple of feet of thick, oozing clay soil.
When I tried to pull myself out my wellie and sock stayed behind. I overbalanced and ended up covered in mud. My newly-pedicured toenails went from bright red to dirty brown, and when I looked in the car mirror after extricating myself – with great difficulty, I thought I would have to wait to be rescued – my face, hands, coat, trousers and hair looked as if I had fallen into Willy Wonka’s chocolate machine.

So here is the elegant and striking Spindle as we would see it in Autumn.Spindle berries Spindle

The tiny white flowers appear in late spring, and go mostly unnoticed, but in the Autumn we are left stunned at the bright pink berries, which open up and show seeds the colour of a glorious orange sunset.

The Ogham symbol and mantra is Oir. Oir - Spindle

Oir brings sweetness and delight after a long struggle. When we are faced with painful challenges we need to look hard for the opportunities for change. Choices have to be made, which can be really scary. The longer we remain in a difficult and debilitating situation the more it takes over our life. When we eventually move out of the dark and into the light there can be an empty space where the pain used to be. We can fill this void with the gentle, healing energy of Oir.

I am off to work in Japan for a few weeks now, so pictures for Tree of the week will be taken from archives, as the Spindle was. I will also be showing some of the beautiful Japanese trees I meet while facilitating my Celtic Earth Magic workshops and courses.

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