A Summer’s day

Seaford Head and Hope Gap July 2013 008Seaford Head and Hope Gap July 2013 011Seaford Head and Hope Gap July 2013 013Wild RosesWild MallowSheep against the cliffs, sea and skySeaford Head and Hope Gap July 2013 045Is there anything more evocative of an English Summer’s day than the perfume of honeysuckle, wild roses and privet flowers? The sound of the surf gently lapping onto the shore, wheeling gulls and soaring skylarks? The sight of pollen-laden bees flitting between yellow buttercups, vipers bugloss and wild buddleia, white cliffs against blue sea?

1-Seaford Head and Hope Gap July 2013 003


Taking time out of the daily routine when the weather is so kind to us, we can enjoy the gifts of Nature. It is a Universally known fact that we English love to complain about so many things. Complaining brings our energy down, and lowers the endorphins – our happy cells – in our bodies. Opening our awareness to the positives in life attracts more of the same. It also makes us more attractive to others.

Easier to do when the sun is shining. I personally love a whopping great thunderstorm as it feeds something primal deep inside. Why not try to see the positives in all aspects of the changing weather? The smell of woodland after rain; the glistening dewdrops on spiders’ webs in the mist; glorious sunsets on frosty days; the lush feel of wet grass or mud between bare toes; soul-stirring, howling winds on a clifftop; swirling leaves in an Autumn gale.

Appreciation of all seasons and weather conditions brings us closer to the realisation that our spirit is the same spirit that flows through all of existence.

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