Autumn Equinox – Modron

If you have been unable to sleep deeply recently, and feel all fired up, are experiencing vivid dreams, or feeling ungrounded it could be due to the combination of the full Harvest Moon and the Autumn equinox.

The equinoxes are when the dark and light periods of night and day are equal. It is a time of balance and stillness, which is why, even though there has been wet and stormy weather, over the three day period of the equinoxes there is a sense of calm – as if Nature is standing still.

This is a most beautiful time of year. The trees and shrubs are showing us their fruits, berries and nuts. A time of abundance before the steady advance of Winter.

In the old mythology of our land this is the time when the pregnant Earth Goddess retreats to the lower world in order to rest before giving birth to the Sun God at Yule. Before she leaves she donates her gift of abundance to the creatures of the land, oceans and skies.

Her withdrawal is seen in the changing season of Autumn into Winter, when all that was fertile and alive begins to slow down, wither and fade. Beneath the Earth, however, the land is preparing itself for rebirth, when the young Sun God shows himself to us at Yule. This is why the Christians chose to celebrate the birth of their god at this time, to coincide with this ancient festival, which they called Christmas.

So, let us bless the Goddess by making full use of her gift at this time. Celebrate her by honouring the apples, plums, pears, blackberries, nuts and mushrooms.Spindle berries in Berwick churchyardEarly September 2013 003Early September 2013 029, just as the rest of Nature stores up with Rowan, Hawthorn and Elder berries. These are full of goodness. There are many ways of using them, both nutritionally and medically.

Blessed Modron!


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