Anam Cara

How many of us are blessed with a true soulmate? That word sets such an aspiration in our culture. We say we must find our soulmate before we can settle down and/or procreate. Our soulmate will bring out the best in us, fulfil us emotionally, physically, mentally and spiritually. Our soulmate will nurture us, understand us, respect us, be faithful until death. Our soulmate will be perfect, almost superhuman, yet with the human qualities which will make her/him as vulnerable and sensitive as we are.

What a list to live up to! If there is a soulmate for everyone, as we are told, why do so many people spend their lives alone, searching desperately for this elusive creature, while all the time the body clock is tick-ticking away? Where is the princess in the tower, waiting to be rescued by only you? Where is the knight in shining armour, on his white steed, galloping out of the mist and into your life?

The Brothers Grimm and Hans Christian Anderson have a lot to answer to as far as little girls are concerned. “Wait for the rich and handsome prince” they tell us. Maternal and religious conditioning have a lot to answer for as far as little boys are concerned. “Wait for the untouched virgin” they demand.

Anam Cara means “Friend of the Soul”. Friend of the Soul. A soul friend. Not a soul mate. If we are fortunate enough to recognise our Anam Cara we know, without a doubt, that this friend of the soul has been our companion through many lives, in many different guises. They know your soul. The are in tune with it at a very deep level. They may not be the one you choose as your life partner. They may not be the mother or father of your children. They may be on the other side of the world, but still walk by your side. Your Anam Cara knows intuitively when you are thinking of them. You may not even speak very often, and there is not always a need for verbal communication. You tune in psychically. When this physical life ends you know that your Anam Cara waits, or that you will wait for them behind the veil.


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