Walking in the Footsteps of the Ancestors – Kingley Vale

One of my favourite walks is through the ancient Yew forest of Kingley Vale, near Chichester, West Sussex.

Some of the trees there are estimated to be 5,000 years old. Communicating with these wise and ancient beings is an experience one will never forget. The whole area is evocative of a time when  tribal leaders were buried with honour on the hilltops, and when Vikings invaded from across the Solent.

I am facilitating two walks close to the ancient festival of Samhainn, when Autumn slowly turns into Winter, and the festival reminds us that we will all pass through the invisible veil from physical life into another dimension one day. The Yew is the tree of Samhainn, showing us that physical death is the journey towards rebirth. Samhainn is the time of The Crone, Wise or Elder Woman – named as The Morrigan, Cailleach, Cerridwen, Hecate, Arianhrod – all powerful dark goddesses of the shadows.

There are two dates for the walks – November 5th and 9th. We will be meeting at 10-30am at Kingley Vale. The walk takes between three and four hours, and the journey from Lewes is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes.

There will be some climbing involved to the top of a hill. The walk is worth the climb, as the views are stunning. I won’t be racing up there, so plenty of stops to catch the breath!

We will spend time tuning into the landscape and the trees, and about 30 minutes for lunch. I visited the site on Friday 24th October, and some of the designated walks were closed due to falling branches, but I could still make my way through the undergrowth to reconnect with some old sylvan friends. The soil is chalk downland, which can get slippery when wet, so if you are intending to join me appropriate footwear is recommended.

For further details please contact me.



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