I do LOVE the sound of cat teeth on mouse bones in the morning. Or rather in the middle of the night. This was my welcome home present from Princess Purdy.

A much better journey home on KLM airlines. The cabin was cool, and the food was Japanese. They also kept the water and juice flowing. Jason was waiting at Heathrow with a sign showing my name! Film star status at last!

I said I wasn’t going to make any noise when we arrived to see what Puss-cat would do, but when we were home and I got out of the car I wanted to praise the star-lit skies and the smell of trees and Nature. Didn’t though, and I crept up the stairs where Purdy was sitting on the window-box. Her eyes went as big as saucers, and she couldn’t move for a few seconds, then she ran over miaowing with her tail held high. We played ball, hide and seek, and catching fingers through the bannisters, then went downstairs where she paced up and down the table, purring and curling her whiskers.

My lovely neighbour, Fran had brought round bread, eggs, milk and flowers, and when I eventually got into bed she had even put a hot-water-bottle in it!

Jason and I drank Japanese green tea, ate dark chocolate and got to bed about 1am, so I had been awake for 26 hours.

I got up about 6-45 the next day, made a cup of tea, and stood on the porch with P.P. sniffing the air and looking across the fields. Later, when I took Jason to work I popped into to NHR where Lucinda works. She moved to Firle a few months ago, and said that Firle is like Mother – she holds you. I thought that was lovely. By the way, NHR essential oils are by far the best I have come across.

I have now opened all my mail, paid my credit card bill and unpacked. Polly says she thinks it will take me a while to process all that has happened in the last month, so when the jetlag has dispersed, and the essential Christmas shopping done, there is Rose’s birthday party this weekend which I am praying I will get to as it is in Kent, and more snow is forecast. Then it will be Solstice. Time for reflection and putting out wishes for the year ahead. The birth of a new sun and a new year. Aahh, Ceremonies and stone circles! Back to normal!

Joyous blessings to you all.


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