Last night in Japan

I am now in a lovely hotel 15 minutes by shuttlebus to the airport.

It is 5-25pm here, so will be 8-25am in England on Sunday 12th. The flight leaves at 3pm tomorrow, and should take 11hrs 35minutes to Amsterdam, then the flight for Heathrow leaves at 8-20pm Dutch time, takes 1hr 30mins, and arrives approx 8-50pm London time – but it will still be Monday! Why on earth do we have to keep changing the clocks back and forth? Why can’t we just be the same as the rest of Europe? I am totally confused now!

My estimation is that it will take me 15 hours to get from Tokyo to Heathrow allowing for 2 hours in Amsterdam. Is that right? Anyway, whatever it is I am going to be suffering from jetlag for days!

The scenery on the 2 hour trip to the airport was like something from a futuristic film. The skyscrapers are incredible, but there are also tiny humble little dwellings made from wood with washing hanging on the verandah. Suddenly amongst all this was Disneyland with its fairy castle rising high into the sky! It was like one of those mixed-up dreams  where nothing seems real.

Going to brave the restaurant in this very posh hotel then an early night.

Love and blessings


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