Out with the Old

I haven’t written my blog for some time.
This is partly because of Christmas, but mostly because whilst I was away with family in Cheshire, the pipes in my house froze and burst, resulting in two overflowing water tanks which flooded through the ceilings and turned my lounge, kitchen and bedroom into lakes.
Anyone who has been flooded will remember the chaos, and the smell of soaked carpets and furnishings.
My neighbours were fantastic, as was the plumber, who luckily only lives along the lane, and very kindly interrupted his Christmas week off to sort my problem out.
The most damaged things were my hand-woven antique Persian rugs. The red dye had run into the cream. I also had to throw away a lot of personal things, the most heart-breaking being cards and paintings by the children. My feather-filled sofa was squelching, my bed was wet, and the water soaked mostly everything in the chest of drawers.

However, the healing room was saved, along with my drum and laptop – and the cat, who was found sitting high on top of a cupboard.

My devastation has been turned around, however, by a Shamanic journey to the Spirit of Oat. Oats give their seeds willingly for the good of the people and animals, then at Lughnasadh offers itself for sacrifice, and the goodness goes back into the Earth. I was shown the image of The Hanged Man in the Tarot, signifying sacrifice to achieve enlightenment, and to have a different view of things. I was then reminded of Odin, who hung himself upside-down on Yggdrasil, the World Tree in order to gain wisdom and ancient knowledge.

The message I received with all this imagery was that if we don’t clear away the old we remain stuck, and perhaps a little stagnant. The drum beat spelled out “Ancient Wisdom, Ancient Wisdom”, so this period of chaos will allow things to shift, so I have a clearer channel to receive the wisdom of the Ancient Ones.

Now I am approaching the clearing up with a different attitude, and optimism. I am now also honouring Oat by eating more porridge!

Love and Blessings

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