The rain has come!

Standing in the porch last night with The Familiar, looking up at the still full moon, we could smell it in the air. A sense of excitement filled us, and her fur rippled down her spine.

I could hear her pacing through the night, then the cat-flap banged as she burst through, and I knew the rain had come. I had opened the window wider than it had been for the past cold months, and waited, half-waking into the small hours. Now I could hear that gentle hiss, and the steady falling of raindrops onto the window-sill, and into the birds’ water-bowl outside. At 5-30 am the birds began their morning chorus, sounding more magical and joyful than usual.

Surely even the most grumpiest of grumblers must welcome this beautiful, life-giving gift? That exotic odour of wet earth, the warm, moist air? The birdsong swells and echoes with gratitude. The Familiar rushes in, fur soaking wet, pink nose glowing, whiskers curled with excitement.

We LOVE the Rain.


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