Kamakura and Solar eclipse

Wow! What a day we had yesterday!
Started off with the solar eclipse, which I didn’t see because I hadn’t got the right glasses, but those of you on Facebook can go onto my page where there is a glorious photo shared by a Japanese friend of mine.

The energy was palpable, and visiting the temples of Kamakura gave me such a feeling of peace and joy that the day will be one of the most memorable I shall ever have.

In fact while delivering Munay- Ki rites today I was aware that my psychic perception was much heightened, and the sense of service to the greater good made my heart sing.

These pictures are just a small selection of over 70 that I took! I haven’t found out how to title photos on the I pad yet, so please forgive me.
Just share the wonder and sense the deep peace of these ancient sacred sites, dedicated to meditation and peace. Oh, and the trees! I can’t begin to tell you how wise the trees are! Like spiritual teachers who have seen and experienced so much.

These temples are ancient, as are the statues, paintings and carvings in them. The birds nest in every hole in the roofs. What sanctuary!

I will have to show more pictures later. The IPad can’t cope with more than a few at a time.

I am so tired now, I will write more when I have had time to process the whole experience.

Love and Blessings













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