Solar eclipse

On May 21st we in Japan will be lucky enough to see an annular solar eclipse. This is when the moon passes in front of the sun, but is too far away to totally obscure it, as it did 5 years ago.

This results in a beautiful sight of a golden aura of light around the moon. It takes place here at around 6am, continuing until around 11-30am. I doubt whether I will be able to see it because of being in central Tokyo, and I am running the first level of Celtic Earth Magic that day, so won’t be able to travel anywhere.

We should all be able to feel the effects of this, however, so be aware of any synchronicities,
changes in habits, feeling emotional or spaced out, or psychic awareness.

Have had two very busy days, but day off today. The weather is just right for May – warm and sunny. I hear it is not the same in England. I am lucky enough to have a little balcony. It is strange looking out over skyscrapers and traffic rather than green fields and trees! Looking forward to being in the Emperor’s palace garden this weekend, and listening to the ravens and trees. Their are some truly beautiful butterflies here, and they remind me that I am in the Eastern sector of the world. I am hoping to visit Kamakura, which I am told is very beautiful.

Will take more photos soon.

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