This is the view from my balcony. As you can see, it really is central Tokyo, although there is a children’s play park where the trees are.
Yesterday, when I was passing on Munay-Ki rites, there was a very loud organised demonstration outside. There is a Russian embassy near here, and people frequently read out loud protestations of injustice in front of it. This march yesterday, however, was by people carrying the Russian flag, and shouting in Russian (I presume). There was one small placard saying “Justice for China”, but whether that had anything to do with it I have no idea.

What struck me was how organised and peaceful it was. They ended up in the children’s park, but there was not one sign of disorder or aggression. There are many things here which sadden me when I think of my own country, and how it is deteriorating. There is no respect for other people, property or the environment. Here, there is no rubbish on the streets, no layers of chewing-gum, drunks or people off their heads on drugs.

Could it be the Shinto/Buddhist belief system, I wonder, or just plain old-fashioned manners and respect indoctrinated from the cradle? Everyone works hard, I have been told that there is no benefit system, and perhaps the Western influence has not penetrated too much into the culture (except for the dreaded MacDonalds and Starbucks).

I would be very sad to see any of that change.

I am sitting on my little covered balcony while a magnificent storm rages all around me. This last photo is of the skies at the moment. I don’t know whether you will be able to see the sheets of rain, but unfortunately already there is a clear bit of blue sky, and I suspect it won’t last much longer.

Thunder and lightning rages, the rain plummets down, and I pretend I am on top of Firle Beacon!








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