Tree of the Week – Scots Pine

Scots Pine
This is the Scots Pine – Ahim in Ogham. It’s symbol is this. Ahim - Scots Pine
The Scots Pine is seen as a tree of farsightedness. When this Ogham symbol is placed into one’s energy field it will help to lift us out of the dark feeling of being stuck, despairing and fearful. The Scots Pine used to cover the Caledonian forest. There are still small pockets left, as with most ancient forests, but to see thousands of these tall trees with their reddish, intricate bark must have given Scottish Highlanders a sense of home, of belonging, of being at one with their tribe.
The tiny pine cones are just beginning to form. They develop into soft yellow pendulums, full of pollen, which can be eaten, and the clouds of pollen make a good natural flour. Scots Pine baby cone

Looking at those tiny cones today, I wondered at the process which would eventually turn them into magnificent specimens, full of seeds, which occasionally pop out with warmth.
Scots Pine cones

Ahim gives us clear vision, and lights the way forward, just as the Scots Pine was used by our ancestors as a beacon or torch to light their way through the dark of night. The symbol could be used in conjunction with Fearn, the Alder, giving us courage and protection to take the next step forward into the future – into the light.
All the Ogham symbols can be used in unison with others to help us live full, harmonious, joyful and magical lives, at one with the rest of Nature.

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