Kingley Vale revisted

New growth inside the main trunkNew growth from the main trunkBeautiful YewBranches reroot as they sweep to the groundHome to someone?How wonderful to spend yesterday morning with a few old friends in the magical forest of Kingley Vale.

These ancient Yews never cease to take my breath away as soon as the first one shows itself quietly waiting in the depths of the wild wood. The colours of the branches, the twisted zoomorphic and anthropomorphic images depicted in their trunks, the impression of constancy that one gets as they show us the reality of how our ancestors viewed them as the trees of birth, life, death and rebirth. Anyone who walks these woodlands surely cannot fail to be impressed with these magnificent giants.

We were shooting a film for my website, and for Youtube. I was very blessed to be accompanied by lovely friends, who volunteered their time on this bank holiday Saturday to help me demonstrate some aspects of the Celtic Earth Magic workshops. By all accounts they too were blown away by the atmosphere of this most evocative of ancient spiritual energy centres. Amanda Sangorski, who was shooting the film brought her two little pugs, and of course they were literally in their element. When we invited Nature Spirits to join us these two little dogs stood quietly and respectfully watching as the gentle Elementals allowed us to feel their energy.

Many, many thanks to Angela Peters, Kathy Johnson, Ali Crystalwitch Holland, Mia Sampietro, Tracy Marshall and Indy Rosekilly for adding your energy to the day, and for giving me confidence and support. Special thanks to Amanda  for your patience, professionalism and understanding when I floundered my lines! Thanks to the dear little canines who were convinced that SOMEONE surely must have biscuits?

A few views, none of which do the Yews justice.

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