Tree of the Week – Yew – Idho

Yew just had to be tree of the week, after they worked their magic on us in Kingley Vale last Saturday.
The Ogham symbol for Yew is Idho.Idho - Yew
When we have this symbol placed into our energy field it allows us to be more aware of the Wheel of Life, and the Wheel of Nature. Our lives follow the seasons of birth, life, death and rebirth. With Idho we become less fearful of the death process, whether that is our physical death, or the death of outworn, stagnant conditioning and habits. Idho allows us to release painful situations, and works well with Beith – Silver Birch, for new beginnings, and Fearn – Alder for protection and courage.

Beautiful Yew


The Yew can live for many thousands of years, rooting their branches and growing from within old, hollow trunks to form new trees, perpetuating the evidence of life within death. When Christians built their churches on ancient sacred sites the Yews were still honoured as representations of this. This is why Yews in churchyards are often much older than the church buildings.

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