Tree of the week – Apple

Everyone knows Apple, with her beautiful heady blossoms in early Summer, and the delicious fruit that is so indicative of Autumn. Unfortunately we do not have the Apple orchards we used to, but anyone who remembers strolling through an Apple orchard when the blossom is falling cannot help but be immediately transported back to the memories associated with this idyllic scene.


Apple in Ogham is Quert.


I call it the Holy Grail, as it represents the qualities of peace, love and beauty. This is the ideal quest, so when we use this symbol in healing it is usually offered to quieten a troubled mind, or to bring solace after horrific trauma.

If we cut an apple in half horizontally we can see the magical five-pointed star, representing the four main elements, plus aether, the four directions plus the centre-point, and the five aspects of the self – mind, body, emotions, individuality and spirit.

The magical isle of Avalon, where King Arthur was taken after his death, means Isle of Apples.

A beautiful, mystical symbol of hope and never-ending life, the Apple means a lot to me personally, and is a welcome spiritual ally in all aspects of my healing, manifesting, divinatory and magical work.

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