Honouring the Mother of Modern Witchcraft

A most remarkable thing is happening this Friday, 21st June 2013 – the Summer Solstice. A blue plaque is being erected on a modest building in Grosvenor Street, Brighton.

This plaque is the first ever to be erected in honour of a Witch. Those of you who follow the Old Path will have heard of Doreen Valiente, known as the Mother of Modern Witchcraft. She worked closely with Gerald Gardner, the creator of modern Wicca, promoting the wisdom of the old ways openly after the Witchcraft act was repealed in 1951. Up until then Witchcraft was punishable by imprisonment.

Well done to Brighton and Hove Council for having the courage to honour this brave and pioneering lady. We get enough pillorying in 2013. Just imagine the abuse and hatred that must have been directed at witches, healers and seers in the 1950s.

On Friday there is a Merry Meet on the Old Steine gardens at midday. The plaque will be unveiled at 2-30pm, and there is merrymaking in the evening. I won’t be staying for the evening as I will have been up before dawn to welcome the Solstice sunrise. If anyone would like to accompany me please let me know. Otherwise it would be great to see some of you there.

This is a momentous step forward in our work to expand awareness of Earth Wisdom, and the importance for our survival as a species of working in harmony with the rest of Nature. One day there may even be an apology from the church and/or government for the torture and murder of so many innocent women during the witch-hunts of the 16th and 17th centuries.

For more information on Doreen Valiente and the blue plaque please visit www.doreenvaliente .org.

See you on Friday, and hopefully on Sunday for our own Solstice gathering.

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