Tree of the Week – Willow

WillowApologies for missing one week of Tree of the Week! This beautiful time of year just goes too fast!

Willow – one of the most visually beautiful trees to see. The Weeping Willow is a very feminine tree, with her delicate sweeping branches, and twisting, sensual leaves.

Chiddingly May 2013 022


The smaller Goat Willow, or Sallow, gives us furry catkins, or Pussy Willows in Spring.

Willow – Saille in Ogham – is a tree of the Moon. It is a tree of intuition, psychic awakening, dreams, emotions and  the rhythms of women’s cycles. It is drawn to water, which represents the emotions and hidden secrets. The branches are very flexible, so are good for creating fences and natural garden structures. The ancient word for Willow means “to bend”. Some authorities believe this is where the word “Witch” originates, as Witches bend the four main elements to their will when spellcasting.

Saille - Willow

This is the Ogham symbol for Willow, Saille. When placed into our energy field this symbol strengthens our intuition and psychic skills. It helps with divination, Tarot readings, dowsing and manifesting. It helps women to be at one with their innate femininity and sensuality, connection to the Earth Goddess, fertility, motherhood and Earth wisdom. Saille can help those who have not been valued and honoured in romance. Connecting to Saille at these times helps us to remember the power of the feminine, and to strengthen our resolve  to value our uniqueness.

The old Irish word for Willow is Saileach, from which the mantra Saille is derived. The Irish poet W.B. Yeats wrote a beautiful poem about the misunderstanding of the depth and passion of female love called Down by the Salley Gardens.

Willow makes a beautiful, pale wooden wand with a smooth touch and wonderful energy.

I could go on much more, but please discover this magical tree for yourself. Sit beneath a Willow by the water’s edge, and open up to the messages and emotional healing she offers.


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