Crimes against Cats

Why, when one shares a home with a cat, do we end up feeling guilty about crimes we didn’t even know existed?

For instance:

Using a lap top or iPad
Going out
Going away
Talking on the phone
Discarding empty boxes
Vegetarian eating
Lack of heat/sunlight
Visitors with children
Having a man in your bed/kitchen/life
Clocks going back
Having a lie-in
Sitting in a chair which has been designated for feline use only
Neighbours’ cats/dogs
Washing food bowls
Moving furniture
Reading a book/newspaper

Purdy and fire 023Oh yes, spitting logs too. Even though I am supposed to put up with spitting feathers without complaining.

If only she would deign to sit on my lap I would be so happy, but of course, my happiness is not in her remit.

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