Loving our Dark Side

Isn’t it wonderful when synchronicities occur? Of course we have to be aware and open to listening to the message they bring. Sometimes this means suffering some discomfort, and this is what I have been shown lately.

Suppressing our dark, or shadow side because we say we only work with the light; putting out only positive thoughts; sending only love, forgiveness and compassion is admirable and worthy, yet are we really being honest with ourselves? REALLY honest?

Isn’t our Shadow that impulsive, wild, reckless, passionate, careless, self-serving part of us that was so out there when we were children? Isn’t it the Puck within? Were we ashamed of him then? Didn’t we carry him on our shoulder, laughing along with him with no thought of guilt, shame or reparation for the delight we felt in our open, guileless conspiracy?

Lately I have been been listening to tales of deceit, manipulation, cruelty and carelessness of feelings towards gentle and honest Lightworkers. As a Scorpio I have worked hard to suppress my natural tendency for the undoubted sweetness of Revenge. I write the word with a capital letter because it still holds a delightful satisfaction.

I know now that there is no need for me to exact revenge, as the Universe will work in its own way, so I can focus on releasing the trauma that ignited that emotion in me, freeing me up to get on with my life’s purpose.

However, isn’t there sometimes a need to fight like with like? Calling upon the Kali or Boudicca energy within can give us a strength and confidence to fight injustice. It can give us words of eloquence, passion and truth. It can show others that we are not to be walked over, manipulated or ignored.

Working as healers and living with light doesn’t mean that we are to be passive, submissive and permissive of others’ actions against us. When we stand up and say “I choose not to accept this” we are honouring ourselves as having the right to justice, to fair play and to respect. Allowing others to get away with diminishing us is, in a way, a cowardly action. It is almost saying that we deserve to be treated badly. We are telling the world that we are worth less than the other person.

So, next time someone raises their foot to take that first step towards walking over you, shout “STOP!” in your head, and bring out the bad guys, all guns blazing.


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