Stone Circle at Equinox

The Equinoxes always have a quiet feel to them, no matter what the weather. This morning when the Familiar and I entered my stone circle to honour the day this feeling was so tangible. It quietens the mind, and seems to slow the heart rate.

All of the stones come from sacred sites (not by any illegal or immoral means, as far as I know). The small ones come from a demolished West Country chapel (which always makes me smile), and the others carry the energy of the land where they were assembled in ancient times.

All of the stones are strategically placed to correspond with the solar and lunar phases of the year, and the eight ancient Nature festivals. Each one has an appropriate crystal underneath to enhance the energy.

Equinox alignment from the East

Equinox alignment from the East

This is the central line of stones which sees the sun rise in the East and set in the West.
Equinox line from the South

Equinox line from the South


Avebury stone with Moon-gazing hare and crystal

Spring Equinox 2014 007“Avebury stone with Moon-gazing hare and crystal”
This unusual stone was brought from a garden in Avebury. It has a volcanic-type of structure, and heats up when hands are held over it, as in healing.
When we finished building the circle, about four years ago, we discovered that new ley lines had been created. Almost everyone who visits is drawn to the circle. It brings sweet and loving thoughts of my friends who helped create it – Stuart, Emily, Cassie and Nelson. The Moon-gazing hare is a gift from a beloved friend who left the physical world last November.

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