Spring Equinox

Joyous Equinox to all!

The time when the balance between dark and light, night and day may give us cause to reflect on the balance in our own life – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

We all forget the importance of taking time to connect with these aspects of ourselves. Sitting quietly, preferably in nature, taking some deep, deep breaths and tuning in to our body. Are we treating it with love? Do we take enough time to feed it properly, stretch our limbs, exercise our joints?

How is our emotional life? Do we love ourselves enough? Do we fall victim to others’ fears at the expense of our own happiness? Do we have the courage to say “no” to emotional pressure?

Do we overtax our brain? Do our thought processes serve us? Are we overcritical of others? Are we kind with our words?

How is our spiritual life? Do we have a deep belief system based on love? Are we brave enough to question dogma? Are we swayed by others’ belief systems without asking if these sit comfortably with us?

The more we take time to ask these questions the stronger and more independent we become. This is our only role in life – to be true to ourselves. Fears are dispelled, and love can grow.

Joyous Equinox!

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