Tarot Workshop: Tarot Tribes – A Dance of Thrones


A Dance of Thrones

Sunday 8th June 2014
10am – 5pm

Cost £40

3, Stamford Buildings, Burgh Lane, Firle, East Sussex BN8 6NE

[email protected]


In this second of two workshops on the Tarot we will be working with the Minor Arcana, looking at their connection with the elements, astrology, the four directions, the wheel of nature and the wheel of life.

We will explore the personalities of the kings, queens, knights/princes, pages/princesses who head each of the four suits. Many Tarot students have a problem connecting with the Court Cards of the Minor Arcana when giving readings. These sixteen Royal characters can appear both enigmatic and elusive. As we deepen our relationship with each individual we will begin to recognise characteristics within ourselves, our friends, family and those who challenge us.

Cards will be provided, although if you have a favourite pack you like to work with please feel free to bring it along.

This workshop is open to anyone with an interest in Tarot. Attendance of the previous workshop – The Fool’s Journey – is not obligatory.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a packed lunch. Teas and coffees will be provided. Stamford Buildings is part of a two-hundred-year-old workhouse, and the walls are thick, so rooms may be chilly. You may wish to bring a blanket and socks.

Confirmation of your place on the workshop on receipt of payment. No refunds will be given.

Tarot Tribes – A Dance of Thrones

Sunday 8th June 2014
10am – 5pm


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TELEPHONE NUMBER:______________________________________________



AMOUNT PAID:__________


Please send cheques for £40 per person to:
Susan Hall
3, Stamford Buildings, Burgh Lane, Firle, East Sussex BN8 6NE

Internet banking if preferred. Please e-mail me for details.
[email protected]

No refunds will be given. Places allotted on a first come, first served basis.

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