John, my latest squueeze!

Heidi, John and Firle Park 027 (640x480)Heidi, John and Firle Park 015 (480x640)

This is John, my latest squueeze. He is gorgeously attired, sensuous, tactile, extremely cool, and best of all – quiet.

Heidi, John and Firle Park 023 (480x640)
This is Belle. Her magnificent skin glows iridescent in the sunlight. She posed for photographs when she came for a visit to Raystede animal shelter yesterday. Many thanks to the East Sussex Reptile and Amphipian Society for allowing us to learn about taking care of these sensitive creatures. We also handled lizards and geckos – all gorgeous and well-behaved.

Heidi, John and Firle Park 028 (640x480)

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